Pregnancy Plus Pillow (2pc set)


An important assist for the pregnant patient offering both comfort and safety during spinal analysis and correction.

PLUS Turn It 90 degrees and it is useful as a protector for the chest of the female patient with sensitive breasts.
PLUS Set on a desk or adjusting table, it makes an ideal cradle in which to examine/adjust infants.

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Pregnancy Plus Pillows are now even more useful to the chiropractor caring for moms-to-be. As always, they provide a safe means to have a pregnant woman lie prone for chiropractic care.

Within the pillows, there is now a thick layer of memory foam on the surface contacting the patient. The base of the pillows is of resilient foam maintaining the unique architecture of the pillow.

The viscoelastic memory foam contains literally billions of microscopic memory cells working in perfect harmony to contour precisely to every curve and angle of your patient. This special material reacts to body mass and temperature and automatically adjusts to the patient’s exact shape and weight.

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